Tuesday, 20 December 2011


So a little while ago, I did my first workshop! It was kind of an experiment - I'd never thought of doing workshops or anything before - but after being contacted by Roshni's boyfriend Rob, who wanted to buy her something of that sort for a Christmas present, we agreed on a Saturday morning couple of hours tutorial, followed by a full nail art manicure! It ended up being really fun, and (I hope) a success! I talked with Roshni lots about all things nails, and gave her any tips or tricks I thought may help her if she was trying it out herself. She went through my blog and chose her favourite ten designs. I painted each of her nails, and then she tried out painting the same design on my nails. I have to say I was bloody impressed with her debut nail art skills - with a bit of practice, I'm sure she could be brilliant! So here are some pictures of Roshni's nails. I have a picture somewhere of my nails (which Roshni painted) - I'll put it up when I find it!

So just out of interest - would nail art workshops be something that anybody that follows my blog would be interested in? Let me know if so by commenting underneath this post! 



  1. I'd love it. But I won't be in England till sometime in the summer! :( Good idea though x

  2. I think that's a great idea!! I'd really be interested and so would a lof of my friends! X

  3. yep would be goood:-)
    you should do you tube tutorials too!x

  4. Thanks guys!

    I'll give it some thought and try to sort something! :)